Friday, December 7, 2012

The Adventures of Elfie

Here are some of Elfie's adventures since he made his appearance in our household!  

1) Sitting in the Christmas tree.
2) Hanging out on the microwave

3) Gliding from the ceiling fan to the Christmas tree
4) Reading Easton's books

5) Hanging out in Easton's stocking with a surprise gift.
6) Captured my carolers and put in birdcage.

7) Taking a bubble bath in the sink.
8) Hanging out on my "faith" sign.

So, Elfie appeared as we were putting out Christmas decorations as we stumbled upon him (mental note: make a better appearance next year!) so he started his adventures a few days before December.  I haven't taken a picture of everything he's done, but I am trying to remember to each morning.  Easton, of course, doesn't quite get the whole shebang of the Elf, but he does love looking for him each morning!  That's usually followed by, "NO, Elfie!" if he's been into some kind of mischief. 

One morning Elfie was sitting on the potty (not pictured, but we did it to try to encourage using the potty!), but had made a mess with toilet paper in the bathroom and Easton's response was, "Look Mommy!  Elfie pee on the potty!  OH NO, a mess!  Sorry Mama, sorry!"  Sweet boy apologized for Elfie's mess! Bless his heart.  

Here's to a new Christmas tradition!

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Tara said...

Such cute pics! I bet you guys are having a blast with that:) Enjoy! I wish my kiddos were little again to do this....if I did this now, my daughter would die...the elf scares!

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