Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We have had a great Labor Day weekend. It's been so nice to have an extra day to rest and relax. Last week was just crazy at school so I needed today to feel refreshed and renewed. We started the weekend off by coming home on Friday and cleaning up the house because my mom was coming to visit! She drove here after school on Friday and we are ALL happy to see her!
We just hung out at home Friday night since it was dark when she arrived. On Saturday morning, she and Easton curled up with a book. He was SO excited that she was here! 
Later that morning we got dressed and decided to head to downtown Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. My mom had been wanting to go since she hasn't been and I've told her how amazing it. What we didn't know is that Alabama and Virginia Tech were playing at the Georgia Dome and there was a comic book convention. Downtown Atlanta was CRAZY. It took us almost an hour to find parking and maneuver around town. CRAZY! We finally made it to the aquarium and had a GREAT time!
These fish are on both sides of the area where you show your ticket. They are so mesmerizing! 

The first thing we did was have lunch at the Café Aquaria. We were lucky enough to find a table!
After that we spent the next couple of hours touring the aquarium. 
After the aquarium, we stopped at the Dollar Tree and Pet Smart for a few items. We enjoyed the rest of the night at home because we were tired from our big day!
On Sunday we went to church. I was so happy that my mom could come with us because we LOVE our church. She loved it too and loved the contemporary service. Afterwards, she treated us to Ruby Tuesday's for my upcoming birthday!
We also spent a couple of hours shopping and she let me pick out a few items for my birthday! Later we cheered on the VOLS during their first football game! 
We had a GREAT visit with her and always love when she is here!

Soccer Season, complete!

Last weekend Easton completed his second soccer season. They had a tournament and each team played three games. Thankfully they were only about 10 minutes per game.
After the last game, every child was given a medal. Then, they had team pictures and group pictures. 
Team Gold Rush! :) 
We are proud of our little guy for sticking with it this year. There were days where he didn't want to play soccer anymore and a few rough games, but he stuck with it. By the end he didn't want soccer to be over. 
We decided not to enroll him in the next season of soccer so that we will have a little break from it. I have to admit - it was nice waking up on Saturday and not having anywhere to go. Soccer was fun, but I think we'll enjoy the break!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Preschool Work

I always look forward to Friday's when Easton brings his work home from the week in his "briefcase". This past week they finished a Family Unit and I loved seeing Easton's family booklet!
Easton told me, "That's you, Mama, in the middle with the big 'ole head!" Umm, thanks, I guess! Haha! 
This is another portrait of me with "my long hair". 
I love seeing his drawings and hope to get him to make another family portrait for the refrigerator! I love drawings and school work displayed in the house!
Preschool is going well! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sharky's Updated Fish Tank

Shortly after getting Sharky, I was reading online about Betta tanks and how they really need a heater and filtered water. Sharky's water was a little too cold (okay, a lot too cold) so we decided to upgrade his home! Here is a picture of the two fish tanks. His new home is about twice the size of the previous one.
We really spent time on his new home and I think it looks GREAT! Easton's favorite part is the submarine at the bottom. We purchased new gravel, lots of plants, a background for the back of the tank, and the submarine.
I think it's safe to say that this cherry lollipop eating little boy LOVES Sharky and his new tank!
As if that wasn't crazy enough, we went ahead and set up our big fish tank, too! So far we have 7 neon tetra's in the tank. We'll add more in about a week if the tetra's do well. One died before we got him in the water and one other one looks like he may die. Geez!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Sharky the Betta fish

Over the past couple of years, we have had several Betta fish. Betta fish (also known as Siamese Fighting Fish) are my favorite type of fish. Years ago, I bought one as a class pet and my class named him Swimmy. I grew quite fond of Swimmy. He was in my classroom for 2 years and then he ended up being Easton's first pet. When we moved out of our house in South Carolina, we lived in a hotel for 2 weeks. After we moved out, we had a few days before we closed so we left Swimmy in the house (rather than bringing him to the hotel) and went by each afternoon to feed him before going to the hotel. At this time it was December so it was cold outside. Joe decided to turn heat off since we weren't living there anymore, totally forgetting about Swimmy. Needless to say, Swimmy died. I was actually REALLY sad about it...I'd had Swimmy for years. Of course, Joe felt awful. We opted not to tell Easton and he didn't even notice since things were SO different at was almost Christmas and we were living in a hotel, we were moving, etc. He did realize it later and asked about him. Joe confessed and told him it was his fault Swimmy died. This was Swimmy the very first day I got him. He grew so much and flourished - he looks like a tiny little squirt here.
A couple of months ago, Easton wanted to get another fish so we bought a red Betta fish. Easton named him Matty. From the beginning, Matty acted funny. He just laid around near the bottom of the tank and rarely swam. Over the course of the last week or so, Matty started taking a turn for the worse. We prepared Easton that Matty was dying and talked to him about it. He was sad, but I reminded him that we'd taken good care of him and that fish don't live as long as we do or as long as other pets do. Matty quit eating and finally died after we'd checked on him for days on end. Easton was okay when I told he'd died and I asked him if he'd like to bury him or flush him. He opted to flush him. He was fine until it came time to say goodbye and flush. When he flushed and realized Matty was really gone, he just started crying and was sad. He was okay after a little while, but said he wants to ask God why fish don't live longer. Bless him!
Last Saturday after soccer, we stopped at PetSmart to pick out a new Betta fish. Easton saw a fish that and only wanted him. He didn't even want to look at the others, but I made him, just in case! He had his sights on this fish and named him Sharky. Sharky is a beautiful fish and seems to be doing great so far! Easton was so excited to get his fish tank set up. 
We have plans to make changes to Sharky's tank to make it better - add several plants, add a heater, etc. So far, Sharky is a great addition!