Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Break, part two

More of our laid-back Fall Break fun...
Easton has became quite obsessed with dinosaurs and knows more about them than most adults I know. Ha! We found these neat dinosaurs that you build and put together. They'll be a neat addition to his room that we are just beginning to makeover. 
When you have a teacher for a mom, you are always doing something educational. Thankfully, Easton LOVES it! We did these Halloween ten frames and they were a big hit. 
Lately I've found myself wanting to take more pictures of Easton in his natural element - playing, creating, etc. Here are some of those type of pictures 

 I found this neat dinosaur fossil finder that was a big hit with him.

Over Fall Break, I got my fitness groove back and E was my little sidekick. 
It was so nice having a full week to rest, relax, and just enjoy our time together.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Break, part one

We had a low key Fall Break and it was so nice. The weekend prior we went to Tennessee. Joe had to work on Fall Break so me and Easton just enjoyed being home and knocked a few things off of our to-do list.
The first thing on our list? Frozen yogurt for lunch one day. :)
We ran errands at several places, including Target. With all of the Star Wars stuff for sale, this is a common sight when shopping with Easton. 
We purchased some mums and planted them out front. I love the look of fall. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekend in Tennessee

This past weekend we loaded up after school for a trip to Tennessee. Although it flew by, we had a good time. On Friday night, Joe dropped me and Easton off at my Mom's before he drove ahead to see his Dad. Easton was SO excited to see Mimi. He was squealing with excitement when we pulled in. 
The next morning we met Joe because he was taking Easton to watch our nephew, Yates, play football. Easton had a great time seeing everyone at the ballgame.  
While Easton was gone, Mom and I enjoyed some time outdoors (the weather was amazing!) and a Starbucks white chocolate mocha. 
On Saturday night we went to the Harvest Festival to watch Gracie be crowned queen. I have so many great memories here and was crowned queen many years ago so it was neat seeing Gracie crowned, too.

She looked absolutely beautiful in her dress. On Sunday morning we went to church and then made the drive back to Georgia.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Game Ball

Our baseball season is beginning to wind down. We have five more games. Even though baseball has added a level of business to our schedule, we absolutely LOVE it.

Easton has looked forward to a game ball the entire season. Little things like that mean so much to little ones. Easton got the game ball last week and was so excited. He played SO good that night and I was so glad he got it on a night that he deserved it. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life Lately

It's hard to believe that September is here. Our days are so busy that they just fly by.
In Kindergarten, every Friday a dog named "Gentle Gordon" goes home with a student. Easton was THRILLD when it was his turn to bring him home. He comes with a notebook the kids write in and add pictures. It was cute and fun!

We enjoyed having Labor Day off last week. It was nice to have a beautiful day to play outside. We kept the TV off almost all day and enjoyed the outdoors.

Riding a bike has always been a bit of a struggle so it was so nice to see Easton does well at it this time!

His teacher sent home a website address for kids to work on if they'd like and Easton just loves it. His favorite Specials class is Technology and they use this website in there.
He is still totally obsessed with dinosaurs! He knows SO much about them - it's crazy how much he's learned about them through apps, books, and Dino Dan.