Friday, August 19, 2016

23 Weeks Pregnant

This past week I was 23 weeks pregnant. The weeks seem to be flying by! It's hard to believe that our babies will be here in 15 weeks or less. Whoa! 
23 weeks pregnant with twins 

23 weeks pregnant with Easton 

How far along23 weeks pregnant    
How big are babies? According to Baby Center, babies at this stage are about 11 inches and weigh over a pound. I got to the doctor next week at 24 weeks and I can't wait to hear how big they are then. 
How I’m feeling? I've felt better nausea-wise this week. I'm feeling excited and anxious for their arrival. Fifteen weeks or less and our lives change dramatically going from one child to three children. I'm praying that Easton handles the change well. 
How I’m changing? Getting bigger and bigger every day! 
What I miss? This week I have been a little uncomfortable at night when I roll over, which is to be expected. 
Symptoms? This week I wrote down my symptoms so that I'd remember them when I actually blogged!
  • Leg cramps - There have been about 3-4 nights where I have woken up to leg cramps in my calf muscles. As long as I get up quickly and walk, it goes right away. Not a fun way to wake up, though! 
  • Lots more movement - The babies are moving so much more now. I am beginning to see my stomach move if they are really active. Easton was able to feel them kick! 
  • Tired & some pain - On days where I am go-go-go, I am feeling tired by the end of the day. Sometime I'll have a pain in my stomach on my right side. I'm thinking it's probably round ligament pain. It always goes away quickly, but it's a definite sharp pain.  
Cravings? None this week 
Food Aversions? I was eating a McDonald's chicken sandwich yesterday and it did not sit well. I only ate about 1/2 of it before it was trashed. Eeekkk! 
Highlights this week? Ahhhh, several great moments this week!
  • One night before bed Easton asked me where I thought the babies were in my tummy. I pointed to where I'd been feeling them kick and he kissed my belly in both places. That sweet boy melts my heart! I love him so much. 
  • The babies furniture was delivered this week! Woohoo! One crib is temporarily downstairs in our room. I know that it'll be hard/uncomfortable to climb stairs once we are home (especially if I have a c-section) so we will keep them downstairs until I'm feeling better. Once that occurs, we'll move the crib upstairs to their bedroom. Easton had to climb in the crib in their room and try it out before they get here!
  • Easton walked in their room and said, "Awww, it's so cute!" when he saw the furniture set up. So sweet!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This and That

As soon as we got back from vacation, we had books due at the library. We made our last library selection of books before school starts. We have hundreds of books at home and he goes to the school library daily, so we usually don't visit our local library during school months. We picked up a few more that day and finished them before school began! 

Easton had a dentist appointment that same day. He was so nervous ahead of time. I was, too. Dentist appointments have always been horrendous with Easton. He has always had this fear of the dentist and the last time we were at one, he absolutely panicked and turned into a different child. It was awful. So, I was dreading this appointment. Joe met us there and we were both able to go back. I was so excited that Easton did SO GOOD! He gagged a lot with the X-rays, but he made it through that and then had his teeth cleaned. I couldn't believe what a difference it was from our last time (which was at a different office that I'll never go back to!). We were so proud of him! 

After our appointment, we headed to the vet to pick up Maggie and Molly! They were boarded there during vacation and were so happy to see us! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fripp Island, Day 6

I am finally wrapping up our vacation posts from Fripp Island. As you can probably tell, we just love it there. 

I actually got mixed up and the next few fishing photos were taken on day 5. Oops. Easton had been wanting to go fishing so Joe, Grandad, and Easton headed out to a pier. Unfortunately, they didn't catch any fish but they did see someone catch several crabs. 

Easton chose to split our day in half - spend the morning at the pool and the afternoon at the beach. We rarely do that on vacation - we always alternate days, but it turns out that I actually liked splitting it. We came in mid-day for lunch and then went to the beach. 

It was cloudy that morning and rained some while we were at the pool. When it wasn't raining, Easton swam his little heart out!  

Joe and Easton headed in from the beach before Mom and I came in. I was so surprised when Joe texted me and told me that Easton had lost his first tooth! We didn't even know it was loose. He pulled it out himself, looked at Joe and said, "Daddy, I think my tooth is loose." Ha! He is beyond adorable with that missing bottom tooth! He was SO excited about it! 

That night we ate dinner at the marina and took a few pictures since it was our last night. It's hard to believe that we will have two girls with us next trip!  

As always, we had the BEST time in Fripp Island and enjoyed it so much! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

22 Weeks Pregnant

This week I am 22 weeks pregnant! I count my weeks on Friday's, so technically I am 23 weeks now, but I'm catching up from this past week blogging so I'll be sharing all about my 22nd week of pregnancy.
22 weeks pregnant with twins

22 weeks pregnant with Easton

How far along? 22 weeks pregnant    
How big are babies? According to Baby Center, babies at this stage are about 11 inches long. It's weird to think that's 22 inches of baby with twins. Wow!
How I’m feeling? The past two mornings while I've been eating breakfast, I've felt a quick wave of nausea hit. I've actually gotten up thinking I'd get sick, but it passes quickly. I'm praying that the nausea continues to stay away! Physically, it's starting to get a little uncomfortable sleeping at night. My back will start to hurt at times and it's hard to get comfortable. It's completely manageable and isn't too bad. 
How I’m changing? I'm continuing to grow, but I feel pretty good about my size at this point in pregnancy with twins. I'm really ready to get their furniture delivered (next week!). Once it's here, I'm ready to begin decorating, putting things away, and buying items we need. I really want everything ready by 30-32 weeks, just in case I end up on bed rest or they come early. 
What I miss? I don't really miss anything right now. Maybe Spark?! 
Symptoms? This week I've experienced some nausea (thankfully it goes away quickly), some irritability over small things, and a little bit of back pain.
Cravings? Powdered donuts are my thing right now! 
Food Aversions? No food aversions this week.
Highlights this week? Normally, I keep this part short and sweet, but I do want to share what's been going on the past couple of weeks and how my appointment went yesterday because it was a definite HIGHLIGHT to my week!

At my 20 week ultrasound, the specialist thought that some of the babies ultrasound pictures looked like they might have a hole in their hearts. But, some ultrasound pictures didn't show it at all. He did a second ultrasound and didn't see one, but wanted me to be seen by a pediatric cardiologist just to be sure. I didn't share this with many people. Every time we go to the doctor, it seems to be something else. We've had spotting, a sub-chorionic hemorrhage, cysts on their brains (thank GOD they went away), and now possible holes in their hearts. It's hard to always leave with a new concern. However, since he didn't see it on the second ultrasound or in some of the pictures, I felt like it would be okay. I prayed and prayed about it, but didn't worry a lot. Yesterday I saw the pediatric cardiologist and we received GREAT news - their hearts look healthy and strong! The cardiologist was so thorough and my ultrasound lasted about one hour and fifteen minutes. There was a medical student learning under him, so he really took his time explaining things to him, asking him questions, and getting him involved (which in turn helped me to learn, too). He said that both babies hearts look fine and he didn't feel the need to see me any more during pregnancy. Having an autoimmune disease can (depending on what you have) affect a baby's heart. Thankfully, this was not the case with us. He asked me where I'll deliver, which is on the same campus where he works. He does want to see both babies and check them out before we leave the hospital when they are born. Again, more as a precaution than anything. He said that if this were his children, he wouldn't be worried. This was the BEST news we could have received! 

Since their focus was on the heart, I didn't get to see a lot of the babies total body. Here and there he zoomed out and I was able to see them well. Baby A was sucking her hand/fingers at one point, which was so neat to see! She stayed pretty calm throughout the ultrasound. Baby B was wild as could be, flipping and constantly around! It was neat to see them move all around (especially Baby B) and feel it at the same time. 

I'll be back next week to share about week 23! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fripp Island, Day 5

On day five on vacation, we spent the day at the beach. Easton loved playing in the ocean and used his boogie board quite a bit. It was a bit windy that day and the wind knocked over our tent and broke a leg off. So, we were/are out of a tent! I hated it since we use it for shade at the beach when Easton plays in the sand and when we eat. I'm thankful that if it had to break, it was later in the week. 

Easton and Joe headed in mid-afternoon while Mom and I enjoyed a little more of the beach.
Someone mentioned to Joe that morning that they would be uncovering a sea turtle next, so we made plans to go see it! Surprisingly, the nest directly beside it was ready and baby sea turtles emerged from it, too! We were able to see them from two different nests. 

The first nest (the unplanned one) had many more sea turtles come from it. The second test was just a re-check. Three days prior sea turtles emerged from it and they always check back three days later. About 15 came from it. 

If you look closely, you can see a baby turtle crawling beside Easton. I am SO glad Easton got to experience this! 

It was one of the most amazing experiences to see! I can check this off my bucket list! It is amazing to see how God gave these baby sea turtles the instinct to come out from their nest and head directly towards the ocean. It was amazing! All of the volunteers had the viewers line up on each side as the baby Loggerhead's made their way to the ocean.

A volunteer held this baby sea turtle up so we could see it up close. Easton asked what his/her name was and she said, "He doesn't have a name. Will you name it?" Easton named him/her Crush. We watched as Crush made his way to the ocean. Easton also named the very first sea turtle to make his way to the ocean. His/her name was Crash. 

They shared that only about 1 in every 1,000 hatchlings survive to adulthood. It was sad to think about all of the obstacles these little guys standing in their way from birth! We hope Crash and Crush are still swimming out there!