Friday, July 24, 2015

School Supply Shopping

As a teacher, I love school supplies. For as long as I can remember, I've always thought it would be fun to go school supply shopping with Easton. Last week, we did just that!
We got all of the essentials and picked out a new backpack and lunchbox. Easton just HAD TO HAVE the Jurassic World lunchbox and backpack. We actually found them at different times, but they both came from Target.

Easton enjoyed picking out what color scissors and other things. He actually switched out scissors after this photo was taken. 

School starts soon for us and I know Easton will love Kindergarten. I am so excited to be at a new school this year, but the end of summer is always bittersweet! I love my summers at home with Easton! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fernbank Museum

Last Sunday we drove back to Georgia after spending five days in Tennessee. On Monday, Easton and I drove to Atlanta to visit Fernbank Museum of Natural History.
Easton LOVES dinosaurs lately. He's basically obsessed with them so I knew he would love Fernbank! We got there a few minutes early so we took pictures outside in front of the dinosaur statues.

 We had the best time exploring all around the museum for an hour. I had purchased tickets to see an ocean show in the IMAX theatre in a little over an hour after we got there. We enjoyed exploring the first and second floor.


We watched a 45 minute ocean show in the IMAX theatre. Easton thought the theatre was neat, but he did get a little bored with the show.
We packed our lunch so we enjoyed lunch outside overlooking a beautiful forest. We sat near the neat stegosaurus statute.
After lunch we explored the third floor, which was a really neat kids area. 

My dinosaur loving boy LOVED it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gracie's Birthday Party

Our main reason for spending time in Tennessee was to go to Gracie's birthday party. She had such a cute, princess theme! They had someone do face painting for the kids. They all LOVED that!

Easton got a dragon on his face. 

We had such a good time hanging out with family and friends and celebrating sweet Gracie!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fun in Tennessee

While we were in town for VBS, we also had time to play, swim, shop, and spend time with cousins. I love to see Easton enjoy time with his cousins.
We went one day swimming and Easton, of course, loved it.
KK and Justin invited Easton over for a cousin sleepover. How fun! I know Easton loved it.
Another day we headed to M'Boro and met a good friend of mine for breakfast. I dropped Easton off with his Grandad so he could see his other cousins, Aunt Heather, and Uncle Mike. He enjoyed having breakfast at IHOP, opening birthday gifts, and playing together. 
While they spent time together, we went to the bookstore to buy books for my classroom. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vacation Bible School

About a week and a half ago we spent five days in Tennessee visiting with friends and family. We came to go to Gracie's birthday party (which will be in a separate post) and VBS.
The theme of VBS was "Workshop of Wonders". It was really cute and we enjoyed it while we there so much. I loved the fact that Easton was attending VBS at my home church.

Aunt KK did a great job of putting it all together, Mimi did a great job of being a fun character, and all of the volunteers were thanked for giving up their time to the kids.

I love this picture of Easton and Gracie. Such sweet, sweet cousins.
During VBS I enjoyed catching up with old friends!

What a great week!