Saturday, September 24, 2016

Grandparents Day

Last week Easton's school celebrated Grandparent's Day. Celebrations like this usually seem a little bittersweet to me because our families live out of state. Other kids have grandparents that live out of state, grandparents that may be passed away, or not in their lives. Thankfully, Easton's grandparents are all healthy - they just live 4 hours away! 

Thankfully, Easton's Grandad made the drive to Georgia to be at school with him on Grandparent's Day. I was SO thankful because it would have broken my heart if he didn't have anyone. I would've been there, but he would've known that it wasn't the same. 

They enjoyed a fun morning of events and games! It was also Early Release, which was nice for Easton!

Easton had fun showing Grandad around his school! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Few pictures from last week

Last week I snapped a few pictures of Easton that I wanted to share. I love this first photo. We had just gotten home from school and I was putting a few things away. It was really quiet in the house and I looked into the living room to find Easton reading. He LOVES this Star Wars: Head to Head book. 

This next idea was from another teacher/mama. To practice spelling words, we used chalk. I called the words out to him and he wrote them in the driveway. Such a fun and easy way to practice spelling. Easton loved it and he ended up doing chalk for quite some time. 

Love this little boy more than the world!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pregnancy Update & 28 Weeks

I am in the last day of my 28th week of pregnancy. This week has been an emotional and physical whirlwind. On Tuesday, I went to the specialist for my 28th week appointment. The ultrasound went well. Both babies looked good. The last part of my appointment was to check cervical length. This is where things went downhill. The measurements were 1.1-1.4 cm. My specialist talked to me for a few minute and sent me directly to the hospital to Labor & Delivery. We knew if it ever got that low that I'd be sent to the hospital, so it wasn't necessarily a huge surprise but still unwanted, of course. 

Once I was checked in to L&D, I was hooked up to see if I was having any contractions. And I was. I've now been here for two days. I'm consistently being monitored for contractions. The contractions aren't painful to me at all. I actually rarely feel them and when I do, it just feels like a cramp. The contractions have been consistent, but not regular - if that makes sense. Last night, for example, I had some 3-5 minutes apart and then didn't have any more for 15 more minutes. 

Since being admitted, I've seen my specialist once (I'll see them every two days) and I see my OBGYN daily. I've also met and spoken to the NICU doctor. The conversation with the NICU doctor was a hard one and I cried the entire time. He was nice, pleasant, but answered my questions openly and honestly. I have been encouraged by my OB and specialist. My specialist said he'd love for me to get to 32-34 weeks. I was shocked thinking I'd never make it that far. It's possible, though. Today my OB said the same thing and she wants to move me up to to the high risk unit today. If my contractions become more regular, I'll be moved back to L&D. Moving out of L&D to the high risk unit is a good start! They are working on that now and I hope to be in that room by the end of the day. It looks like I'm here for the long haul. If I haven't had the babies by 32-34 weeks, I may be sent home then. Until then, I'm here until they make their arrival or up to 4-6 weeks, whichever happens first. Obviously we want to get as far along as possible. 

Normally I'd say I'm not an emotional person. I don't cry often and I'm generally just not emotional. These past two days .... total opposite. The hardest part of being here is missing Easton. I'm not good at not being Mommy at home with him. I miss him more than words could ever explain. He's visiting after school and it's probably the best medicine I could receive seeing him, but it's the worst when he has to leave. We know that me being here to keep these girls in as LONG as possible is the best thing we can do right now! I know that and I want them to stay as long as possible, but it's still hard. 

This picture, so sweet. Joe snapped it when Easton hugged me bye last night. I cry every time I look at it. I miss him SO much. He has my heart! 

Now we'll move on to the regular weekly pregnancy update.

How far along28 weeks

How big are babies? On Tuesday, they estimated that the babies are 3 pounds 4 ounces and 3 pounds 6 ounces. This is great! They are in the 85th percentile for weight. This makes me feel better about them possibly being born prematurely
How I’m feeling?  Emotional. Just so very emotional. I'm feeling some contractions, but not many. I'm mainly just missing Joe and Easton a lot. 

How I’m changing? I've changed into being an emotional mess this week! 
What I miss? Without saying it all over again, I'm just missing Easton. I'm missing Joe. I'm missing home.

Symptoms? Some contractions, tired (not sleeping that well), bored, etc. 
Food cravings or aversions? Now I'm eating hospital food, but it hasn't been too bad. I could go without the grits for breakfast and the spinach as a side item for lunch or dinner, but the rest isn't too bad. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Random Moments with Easton

Today's post is several random pictures of Easton throughout the last few weeks. No rhyme or reason for them. :)

  • On Labor Day, Easton and I enjoyed breakfast together at the Waffle House.

  • Silly boy fixed his own hair for this picture! 

  • It doesn't how big he is getting, Easton still loves to cuddle up with me at night. I love every minute of it. 

  • We purchased this baby swing and a rock & play recently. Easton really wanted to sit in it to try it out for his sisters. Ha!  

  • Milkshakes after school are the best! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

27 Weeks Pregnant

I'm nearing the end of my 27th week of pregnancy with twins! It's so nice making it one more week every time a new week hits.

How far along27 weeks

How big are babies? According to Baby Center, babies at this stage are about 14 inches long with legs extended and around 2 pounds. Next week, during week 28, I'll have a growth scan and a better idea how big they really are. 
How I’m feeling? This week definitely feels like I'm nearing the third trimester, physically and emotionally. I'm becoming increasingly aware that the end of this pregnancy is near. At most I have 11 weeks left and that's if I made it full term (which is considered 38 weeks for me). I have a feeling I won't make it that far. Physically, I'm feeling some of the expected symptoms that come with the third trimester. 
How I’m changing? Looking at last week's picture compared to this week's picture, I feel like I doubled (or tripled) in size. Eeekkk! 
What I miss? This is always a hard one to answer because I'm thankful for these two babies and I don't want to take anything for granted. After getting quite winded going upstairs and downstairs yesterday, I'd say I miss being in better physical shape. Carrying two babies is hard.  
Symptoms? Last week I mentioned pelvic pain. It has been so much better this week, thankfully! I've had some pain getting up and down during the night, but it's much better than last week. 
  • Uncomfortable - There's really no nicer way to put it except that I'm beginning to feel more uncomfortable. It's mostly during the night. I'm uncomfortable as I move from my left to right side or vice versa. 
  • Pain near sternum - I've felt an uncomfortable feeling near my sternum before, but it's been more sore to touch this week. I know Baby B is close by it because I can feel her that far up. I think it's just sore from baby kicks!
  • Frequent urination - I'm increasing my water intake, which leads to having to pee all.the.time. 
Food Cravings or Aversions? Normally I have very little to talk about here, but this week the cravings hit big time! For about two days, I craved chocolate chip cookies like crazy. Then when I finally got some and baked them, they were too crispy and didn't taste so good. Ha! The other two cravings I've had is for glasses of milk (mostly yesterday - I kept wanting milk!) and orange juice. I remember orange juice being a craving I had when I was pregnant with Easton during the first trimester. I'm normally not an orange juice drinker at all. This week I bought a six pack of orange juice and I think there's only two bottles left. It's crazy how you just crave random things! 

Highlights this week? I didn't have any doctor appointments this week, so we've had a really laid back and calm week. I am thankful for that! Here are some small highlights from this week:
  •  The babies have really been moving a lot this week, especially last night. Baby A was moving like crazy last night - so much that it actually hurt! I wonder if she flipped around or moved back to being head down. I am thankful for each and every kick and movement!
  • Being a planner, I feel like I need to have a backup plan for Easton when I go in labor. Ideally, we'll have a scheduled induction or C-section (depending on if both babies are head down or not) and we'll know ahead of time what our plan is with Easton. Realistically though, I know that may not happen. I may go in labor suddenly at home (like I did with Easton) with no signs or symptoms before it happens. I may go in labor when Easton is at school and I won't be able to pick him up. I may go in labor during the middle of the night. I may be put on bed rest or sent to the hospital after any appointment. You just never know. Without having family here, I have my back up plan in place and I packed Easton an emergency overnight bag just in case it is needed. One of my best friends here (and previous co-worker from last night) will take him home from school, pick him up, let him spend the night, bring him to the hospital, or whatever is needed in an emergency situation. Once the babies are born, Joe will obviously be picking Easton up from school, staying at home with Easton at night, taking him to school, etc. But in an emergency type situation, I am so glad to have a backup plan in place. I have Easton's bag packed and will be giving it to her to keep at her house just in case something happens!
  • My hospital bag is about 90% packed and I am now taking it to each appointment with me (leaving it in the car) just in case it's needed. 
It's nice to finalize some of those details!