Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life Lately

Easton has officially finished his first season of basketball. He had a blast and loved every minute of it! He seems to have some natural talent for it, as well.

Just as quick as basketball is ending --> baseball is beginning. I'm excited for his to get back out on the field.

Last week we had a day off from school so we enjoyed breakfast at IHOP. 

We have enjoyed the spring-like weather we've had lately!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day celebrations

We enjoyed a Valentine's Day weekend and actually started celebrating before V-Day. I came home Thursday with a surprise bouquet of roses from Joe. It was unexpected so I was very surprised! 

That night Easton and I got to work on his Valentine's Day box. We went Star Wars style with an R2D2 box. It was perfectly imperfect, but Easton loved it!   

I loved these Star Wars goodie bags with Star Wars fruit snacks. So cute! 

On Friday morning my class looked like a Valentine's frenzy! One of our fundraisers is sending candy grams and/or balloons. We had a fun day at school.
 Easton was able to wear red (or pink) for Valentine's Day.
That afternoon he had a Valentine's Day party and I was so thankful to be able to go! It was fun.
Nothing like a mouthful of food. Ha!
I received two more beautiful bouquets of flowers at school! Both were from Easton. I think he had a little help from Daddy and Grandad. I have loved all of the beautiful bouquets around my house this weekend!

Easton got balloons from our family and I had a couple of balloons from students so we tied them on his backpack.

The balloons were a cute accent for Easton's Valentine's goodies! 

He loved his little gifts.

After lunch we enjoyed a lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and just enjoyed the rest of the day together at home.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

February Randoms

This month seems to be flying by. We have Winter Break (2 days) this coming week and we are looking forward to this short break. 
We enjoyed the Superbowl lately and we were happy that Peyton won. Since we are VOLS fans, it only made sense for us to pull for Peyton.
Last week we enjoyed a few minutes of snow. This was our face when we left school and it was snowing! 
We are nearing the end of basketball season and the beginning of baseball season. Our first season of basketball has been great! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday afternoon baseball

Last weekend Easton had tryouts for Spring baseball. We have been blessed to experience wonderful coaches and new friendships on the baseball field. The friends Easton made in t-ball continued in fall ball because we were all able to play together. I am so happy to share that most of the boys are on the same team for Spring baseball! We could not be more thrilled about it.
We have about three more weeks until basketball is over, but only one week until baseball starts. Easton will be sad to see basketball finish because he absolutely loves it. I'm confident that once he's back on the ball field with his friends in a few weeks, he'll have lots of fun. I'm excited to be back at the ball field!
This afternoon we played basketball for quite a while and then Joe tossed Easton some baseballs to work on Easton's catching.

At first, Easton was a little frustrated because he wasn't catching them, but he actually caught on somewhat quick and caught several. He was so excited and proud. One day he's going to get a bloody nose and he'll think his life is over (he's a bit dramatic!), but today wasn't the day. Thank goodness. 

It's fun watching him develop into a little athlete. The lessons he will learn along the way are priceless.
Now it's time to turn our night towards football for the Superbowl!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

January 2016

January seemed to fly by! Here are a few pictures from the month.
Easton got to wear pajamas and take a bear to school while studying about bears. He enjoyed that unit so much!
Easton is ALL ABOUT Star Wars right now.
Our first season of basketball is almost over, and Easton has loved every minute of it. In fact, he actually said he likes it better than baseball! 
We had about 15 minutes worth of snow during January. It was fun for the few minutes it lasted. I wish we had gotten a lot more. Easton would LOVE it.

We have played lots of games lately - board games, card games, you know it. We actually just got a new one yesterday. Easton enjoys them.