Saturday, July 4, 2015

State Park Fun

A few weeks ago Easton and I decided to go to a local state park to go hiking! We'd been once before so we knew the trail we wanted to go on. We went as soon as we finished breakfast to try to escape the heat of the day.

There were only a few people in the park so we had the entire trail to ourselves. It was a beautiful morning for a hike!

After hiking a short distance, we headed back to have a snack and drink. Easton played on a playground for a while.
Then we headed to the fort to see it and the area surrounding it. We had an age appropriate history lesson about how and why they built the fort.
We got to take a peek inside of the fort.

Easton got to throw a hatchet, which he loved!
We had a great morning exploring!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Over the past few weeks, Easton has completed his first class of swimming lessons. We had a great experience and will definitely be back for another class.

The class was 8 sessions, each one being 30 minutes long. Easton LOVED it! He struggled quite a bit with jumping in without holding his teachers hand. He even prayed about it one night totally on his own, asking God to help him jump in by himself. And the next day he did it! He jumped in by himself 2 out of the 8 days, those 2 being the last 2 days. We were SO proud of him!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fripp Island, Day 7

I am finally finishing up my Fripp Island posts. Our last day in Fripp Island was a great day!
Mom and I started our day with paddle boarding! Neither of us had ever paddle boarded before and we really wanted to try. It was fun, but it was a workout!

When we went on this inlet, we turned right to go on an inlet that isn't usually crowded. I was just paddling along when all of a sudden, I saw a SHARK. Now it wasn't too big, maybe 2-3 feet, but I just knew it was a shark. It is HARD to keep your balance on a paddle board and seeing that shark made it even harder. I watched him chase this fish around, almost beach himself trying to get it, and then he gulped it down. Mom was up ahead of me and I was trying to tell her I had seen a shark just a few feet from my board. 

It was starting to get too shallow so we turned around and came back the way we started. I was terrified to fall off my board now that I knew there was a shark nearby. I almost fell once, but I caught myself on my board. I just prayed and prayed for balance and I started quoting scripture out loud after I saw the shark! It was a fun experience, though!
After we went paddle boarding, we headed to the pool to enjoy the day there. Easton jumped and jumped in the pool all day.

That night Mom and I went to a little shopping place on the island. I got this neat little bracelet. We ate dinner at the Marina and then packed up to come home. 
We did catch one last beautiful sunset before we left.

We had a GREAT vacation in Fripp Island! We loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fripp Island, Day 6

Although we went to the beach on day 5, we had another beach day on day 6 of our vacation. Mom and I planned on paddle boarding on Friday morning and Joe's dad would be leaving mid-morning so a pool day would be easiest on Friday.
We had great weather on our last beach day and we found so many neat things.
Easton played with army men and made a fort with Joe. Later they threw a baseball on the beach.

We spent a LOT of time this day in the ocean. We actually saw a shark! It was in knee deep water about 50 yards from where we were in this picture. Everyone stayed out of the water for a while, but we all eventually got back in.
We found lots of neat things on Thursday, including seashells, jellyfish, and horseshoe crab shells. We brought a few horseshoe crab shells home to preserve and keep in our classrooms. 

That night we played a game on Monopoly Jr. and Easton won! I was so glad he won because he usually loses and gets upset. Ha! He was tickled pink to win. Afterwards, we went and got ice cream.